TLC History

Trinity Lutheran Church was established in Monroe as a mission outreach of Redeemer Lutheran Church from Alexandria, Louisiana in April of 1925 by Rev. Carl Gernant. There were ten Lutheran families that formed the nucleus of this mission.  The church first met in the annex of the Jewish temple.  In May, 1925, the congregation was formally organized.  Rev. Gernant along with Rev P. Stueckler, also from Alexandria, served until 1928, when the first resident pastor was called.

In 1936, under the direction of Rev. Vernon Grosse, the congregation erected a small frame chapel in Eastern Monroe.  This location served the congregation until 1959, when the building on Oliver Road was completed under the direction of Rev. Arthur Betz.  By 1965, the congregation was self supporting.  In 1969, due to growth, the addition of the North wing with more rooms for education, was completed.  

As the congregation grew in numbers, advance site land was purchased in West Monroe for a mission congregation church site.  This facility was completed in April, 1979, under the direction of Rev. Paul Mayerhoff.  A vicar was assigned to the West Monroe location in October, 1980 to better serve those members located in that area.

As membership grew, there was a need for additional worship space in Monroe,  The newest worship facility and additional educational space was constructed and dedicated on January 18, 1986, under the direction of Rev. Eugene Kappeler.  

Throughout the years, the following men have been called to serve the saints at Trinity Lutheran Church:  

Rev. Carl G. Gernant - Redeemer of Alexandria 1925-1926

Rev. P.E. Stuecker - Redeemer of Alexandria 1926-1928

Rev. Theo Ahrendt 1928-1930 First resident pastor

Rev. H.H. Shaefer 1930-1935

Rev. Vernon Grosse 1935-1943

Rev. Normand Widiger 1945-1948

Vicar Harold Kamman 1948-1949

Rev. Harold Reinhardt 1949-1953

Rev. Arthur Betz  1953-1976

Rev. Paul Mayerhoff 1976-1983

Rev. Eugene Kappeler 1983 - 1999

Rev. Paul McComack 2001 - 2016

Rev. William Cornelius 2017 - 2020

Rev. Gary Held 2022-2023