bible Education

Sunday School, Youth and Adult Classes are held on Sunday mornings from 9:15 - 10:15 am.  If you are not sure of the location of the class you wish to attend, just ask and someone will point you in the right direction. 


  • Our Sunday School curriculum is Bible history based as the kids follow the Promise of the coming Messiah from Genesis through the Old Testament to the Gospels of the New Testament where God fulfilled this Promise in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Then the kids learn how this promised Savior was shared through the rest of New Testament. They also learn how we share this same comforting message in our world today through Word and Sacrament.
  • Our Adult and Youth Classes follow a curriculum that reviews the Bible book by book and the Confessions of the Lutheran Church. We also look at different scriptural topics as they relate to our world today.   


We also offer classes throughout the week:

  • Catechism – Instruction in the Lutheran faith for kids in the 6th through the 8th grade.


Trinity offers Sunday School for children age 3 through 6th Grade from 9:15 to 10:15 A.M. on Sunday Mornings in Betz Hall. 

Each Sunday, children meet for a group opening with singing and prayer before breaking into smaller class groups determined by age/grade level.  

Classes use the Growing in Christ series from September to May. The kids will follow the History of God’s promise to send the Messiah through the Old Testament and the fulfillment of that Promise in Jesus in the New Testament. 

Along the way they will draw connections to the Small Catechism, and learn the traditions of the Lutheran Church.  

During the summer, lessons will focus on Biblical guidance for their everyday life in Jesus.  

Youth group

This group’s goal is to promote, encourage and foster spiritual, moral, social and vocational development of young people through Bible study, prayer and Christian service.  Events are scheduled and organized by the youth with guidance from youth leaders and parents.  We have a combined Junior High and Senior High group.  For more information about getting involved in the many events being planned, please contact Sarah Coble at (318) 322-3507.


Here at Trinity we offer a variety of Bible Classes that allow our members to grow in their understanding of all that God has done and continues to do for them through Jesus Christ their Lord.  We believe and find comfort in the power of God's Word.  So all of our Adult classes are built on it's foundation.  We have classes that focus on individual Books of the Bible, classes that are topical in nature and classes  that cover our Lutheran Confessions.  Please on contact our Church Office for times and places of Adult Classes we have to offer (318) 322-3507.